Video: Cat Pummels Dog, Saves Boy From Vicious Attack

This is hilarious. (not for the little tyke involved) A cat  unleashed a can of whoopass on a dog who viciously attacked the cats  bestie,  causing the dog to run like a screaming bitch. Hell hath no fury like a pussy scorned. 

Check out this surveillance video from Tuesday afternoon … you can see the boy riding his bike in front of the home when the dog comes around from behind an SUV and  drags the boy off his tricycle by his leg. The dog wrestles with the boy’s leg for just a few moments until the HERO CAT comes flying in … knocking the dog off the boy before chasing the canine away.

the boy needed stitches and no doubt traumatized,  but he is doing fine. 

full deets via Hero Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack [VIDEO] |

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