Anti-Gay Amy Kushnir: ESPN Is Promoting (gay) Left Wing Agenda

Kushnir stormed off the set of the Broadcast, after she got her bigoted ass handed to her by two of her co-hosts over her anti-gay view of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after he learned that he had been drafted to the St. Louis Rams. 

Amy Kushnir: “If you are trying to maintain traditional values and views in your home and if you share them, you are going to get lambasted.” Kushnir says that since she stalked off the set of her Dallas show on Wednesday she has been subjected to death threats, rape threats, and petitions for her to be fired.

Honey, we are not living in 1950’s America anymore. It’s called progress. If you don’t want to be any part of it, then i suggest you buy a farm, cancel your cable, shut down your internet and get the eff off t.v. And then you can live in your fairy tale world of Pleasantville. 

via Joe. My. God.: Anti-Gay Dallas Host Tells Fox News: ESPN Is Promoting Left Wing Agenda.

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