Gay Men: Does Size Really Matter?

In a 2011 study by the National Institute of Health, a team of researchers asked themselves the same question. Turns out, they figured out what every man knows. Not only does size matter in terms of sex, but because society often categorizes power, strength, and masculinity with a big penis, it often creates a self-esteem issue if we don’t feel we match the criteria.

Researchers asked 1,065 gay men what they perceived their penis size to be. According to the study, 7% said their penis was below average, 53.9% said they were average, while 35.5% boasted they were above average. But here’s the rub… men with below average penises were significantly more likely to identify as “bottoms” and men with above average penises were more likely to identify as “tops.”

Personally i could care less what size a lover sports. (and I’ve had all sizes)  Its the all about the sexual chemistry, baby ;)  In all the conversations between friends over the years, penis size was never a reason anyone stayed with a boy friend OR left them. 

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  1. bcooper

    to me, size does not matter. if it’s too huge, i can’t fit it comfortably anyway!

    • Izzoiz


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