EastEnders Star Ben Hardy ‘Fluffed’ before Nude Scene in The Judas Kiss

EastEnders hottie Ben Hardy told Attitudes Mag, that he was nervous and fluffed himself before his nude scene in the play The Judas Kiss.

[It] was incredibly nerve-racking. To the point where I almost said no, because I was so scared. In rehearsals I’d go in early and just try and prep myself down there, just in case today was the day that it was going to happen. I knew we’d be doing the scene and I’d be, like: ‘alright, got to look its best.’ And then we wouldn’t actually do it in rehearsals, we didn’t do it until technical rehearsals. So by the time it came to the tech, I was just mortified: I was ringing up my agent and saying, ‘I’m not sure I can do this. I don’t know if I can do this.’ But once it was done, it was actually really liberating. It was brilliant. But, yeah, I was fluffing myself in the bathroom before. Upon reflection, I think I should have just walked into the first read through naked because that would have got it done and out the way. In rehearsals you get to know people, they become your friends, so then it’s getting naked in front of your friends, and it’s a lot harder to get naked in front of your friends than to get naked in front of strangers.”

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