‘Auntie Tom’ Andrew Sullivan: Agrees With Sterling Ouster But Not Anti-Gay Mozilla Brendan Eichs

Andrew Sullivan AGAIN exuded his internal homophobia by trying to explain how the Donald Sterling ouster by the NBA differs from Brendan Eich’s anti-gay shitz storm. 

He wrote:

“I think it’s obviously appropriate in the Sterling case – because the remarks are horrifyingly racist. If Brendan Eich had made comments telling his friends to keep away from faggots, if he’d used any such terminology or had ever been shown to have discriminated against gays in the workplace or in his daily interactions, then his case would be very similar. But no such comments are in the public or private record, and there’s zero evidence that he ever acted in the workplace to harm gay employees.”

I am not defending Sterling by any means. Sterling made idiot racists comments, Eich donated money to ensure that people’s equal rights, already given to them,  were taken away. That is far more damaging than comments made in a private conversation. 

And here is what Sullivan had to say about Eich donating to Prop 8: “Such acts can be driven by bigotry, sure, but also by general discomfort with sudden social change, religious conviction, misunderstandings, personal experiences, worries about unintended consequences, and the like,” he wrote. “And you cannot know that Eich was motivated by rank Sterling-level bigotry – in fact, we have plenty of evidence that he wasn’t and isn’t.”

Is Andrew Sullivan fu(king Eich? Or was he paid by the short lived Mozilla No Homo bigot in an attempt to save his name in the LGBT community? Sullivan is a complete embarrassment to the LGBT community and himself. 


via Andrew Sullivan: Unlike Brendan Eich, Sterling’s Ouster Is Justified | Mediaite.

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