Locker Room Study: Straight men ‘Fluff’ in Order To Look Bigger in Locker Room.

According to a new study, Straight men ‘compete’ on penis size in the locker room more than gay men.

Dr Christopher Morris-Roberts, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton, has said penis size matters a lot to athletes in the locker room. In research for his PHD, Dr Morriss-Roberts interviewed eight London athletes who played a variety of sports including football, tennis and rugby.

Half of the men studied were straight and the other half gay.

One factor that was the same for both straight men and gay men was that, ALL of the men looked at other penises in the locker room. No big revelation there. 

Some straight athletes admitted to ‘slapping their cock around a bit’ to encourage a semi-erection in order to make their penises look bigger… that’s hot 😉

the report also has some other interesting findings, click link below.

via Straight men more likely than gays to ‘compete’ on penis size | Gay Star News.

  1. Papi

    How did he get his dissertation approved with only eight respondents?! This is not research at all–this is absolute conjecture and both he and whoever his doctoral advisor are should be ejected from the university.

    This is sham research and this is bullsh*t journalism. Such a shame.

  2. Steven

    So you’re saying that straight men ‘fluff’ before going into the locker room? What are they trying to entice us gay men or compete with us in size?

    • Izzoiz

      I don’t know baby, i only post what i see, but either suggestion is hot 😉

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