Homophobic Mother punched gay son in face Gets Fined

This nutter is not getting Mother of the year anytime soon. 

Scott Green, 21, had come out to his mother Emma Green and told her he had a boyfriend at a family gathering at her home in Kinross, Scotland. Instead of sympathy, she responded with homophobic slurs calling him a ‘poof’, a ‘gay bender’ and telling him ‘you take cock up the ass – you’re nothing but a dirty queer.’

The police were called after the argument escalated and the mother punched her son while the police were holding her back. That was enough for the po po and she was arrested. Telling them  ‘I’m homophobic. I don’t care – I hate the little gay bender.’


According to the son’s lawyer, the mother and son have reconciled and he dropped the assault charges. However the judge ordered her to pay  £300 ($495, €360) in compensation to her son.


via Homophobe mom who punched gay son in face in front of police fined by Scottish court | Gay Star News.

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