George Zimmerman “Guest of Honor” at a Florida Gun Show, Signs Autographs. WTF?

The organizers of an Orlando, Fla. gun show had to find a new venue due to the controversy around their guest of honor, firearms aficionado George Zimmerman—best known for fatally shooting unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012. The original site of the event, The Majestic, backed out due to “community pressure,” New Orlando Gun Show organizer Mike Piwowarski told local reporters. But the show went on over the weekend, relocated to the Arms Room gun shop. Zimmerman reportedly sat for 6 hours and signed about 20 autographs.

He murdered a defenseless teen who walked away from him, only to be hunted down,  harassed, and then shot to death defending himself and people are seeking this scumbags autograph? There are some sick people in this world, starting with New Orlando Gun Show 

I’m surprised Sarah Palin was not waiting in the back room to jerk him off. 

via George Zimmerman Was the “Guest of Honor” at a Florida Gun Show.

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