Gay Males: 3 times Greater Risk of Eating Disorders

Eat girls, eat!

According to the International Journal of Eating Disorders, there is a three times greater chance for a gay man to have a clinical eating disorder than a straight man.  15 percent of gay or bi men in the U.S. have struggled with the likes of bulimia, binge eating or anorexia, and of the total number of men suffering an eating disorder, 42 percent are gay or bi.

Chase Bannister, a psychotherapist who specializes in eating disorders, recently told Salon:

“The gay male community has placed unrealistic expectations upon itself. Emaciation is normal. Electing not to eat or to only drink liquids for several days has become normative. Negative comments about body weight, shape, size of ourselves or others has become a daily part of our community’s common life.”

Did you hear that Carlatta? ;)

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via Therapist: Gay Males’ “Unrealistic Expectations” Lead To Eating Disorders / Queerty.

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