DISGUSTING! UGANDA: Gay Couple Arrested At Hotel

Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, signed the anti-gay bill into law, two Ugandan gay men were caught in a hotel by a lodging attendant having sex. According to reports, sexual moans were heard about 20 minutes  after the men had checked into the room they had booked at the hotel. The police were alerted by the lodging attendant who heard the men from a distance. They were busted shortly after police arrived at the scene.

Knowing what the consequences are for being gay in Uganda, I highly doubt that the two men were making “sexual moans” loud enough for anyone to hear and take the chance of being arrested and jailed for 14 years. ALL financial support should stop for any countries that have anti-gay laws in place like Uganda. 

via Joe. My. God.: UGANDA: Gay Couple Arrested At Hotel.

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