Trash Files: Restaurant Owner Won’t Serve ‘Freaks, F*ggots’

JAMESGary James scumbag white trash owner of Gary’s Chicaros restaurant and bar in Enid, Okla. will not serve gays, people on welfare or any other minority groups.

Owner Gary James made the outrageous comments when interviewed by a KFOR reporter who spoke to him after a disabled customer says James refused him service. Matt Gard, the former patron, said James wouldn’t serve him because he believed he was on government aid. Gard informed KFOR that James hates African-Americans, Latinos, gays, women, Muslims, and Democrats.

James wares a t-shirt that advocates violence to minority groups as well. 

“I’ve been in business 44 years; I think I can spot a freak or a faggot,” James proudly told KFOR. “I really don’t want gays around.” Watch the video below and read more here.

Lets hope this causes the demise of his bigoted establishment. 

I am not one of those  nice/ Pollyanna gays and although i don’t advocate elder abuse, i would GLADLY meet this lowlife at the playground and show him what a ‘Faggot’ can do to bullies like him. ;)

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