‘Looking’s’ Murray Bartlett, Fakes Orgasms And Reveals that he is Cut, But likes both

In an interview with Butt Magazine, Murray talks about having to fake orgasms on film and does not care if a male is cut or uncut. He is cut by the way.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

That would be the ultimate test of acting skills for a man, wouldn’t it? I did have to fake one on Looking.

How was that?

I was acting like I was fucking a guy up against a mirror and we were in these like little socks… It’s basically this pouch that you tie around your dick and your balls. We’re pushing against each other and pretending to cum. That was probably the last time I faked an orgasm.

Are you cut or uncut?

That’s something I can’t fake. I’m cut.

What do you prefer?

I like both. It’s a big world out there. I mean, it’s just a dick… The most important thing is who it’s attached to, right?

Soo hot!

via Looking’s Murray Bartlett Reveals His Expertise At Faking Orgasms And His Opinion On Uncut Men / Queerty.

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