IOC Supports Arrests Of LGBT Activists In Russia

RedSquareArrest (1)the IOC are vile scumbags. 

LGBT activists were arrested in Russia for protesting Russia’s anti-gay laws and as we have seen from the beginning, the IOC has done nothing but turned a blind to the hate laws and have absolutely NO issue with the arrests made.

While in custody, one of the activists arrested in Moscow’s Red Square tweeted that Russian police had beaten them and threatened them with sexual assault. Which the IOC apparently has no problem with.

The International Olympic Committee has said Russia was acting in accordance with its laws when police detained 14 protesters in Moscow and St Petersburg on the day of the Olympic opening ceremonies. Some of those held in Moscow report being beaten while in police custody. “We understand that the protesters were quickly released,” Emmanuelle Moreau, the IOC’s head of media relations, said in an email to BuzzFeed. “As in many countries in the world, in Russia, you need permission before staging a protest. We understand this was the reason that they were temporarily detained.” The speed of the police response in both cases made organizers believe police may have been tapping their phones to monitor their movements. Russian police arrested at least 61 protestors nationwide on Friday — some protesting for causes other than LGBT rights — according to a count by the New York Times.

This organization is DISGUSTING. I personally am boycotting the Olympics, because i can not watch athletes compete for, quite frankly,  for a stupid  “medal” and take part in an event that completely, again, turns a blind eye to crimes against humanity.  

via Joe. My. God.: IOC Backs Arrests Of LGBT Activists.

  1. Papi

    The IOC is an organization about sports and sporting competitions. While it does address some issues of fairness and equity in terms of competition, facilities and allotments, it is NOT a human rights organization and it does NOT take direct political stances when it comes to the laws of any particular country. The IOC has a very difficult job trying to navigate the varied political, religious and cultural beliefs of all of its participating countries. It does not ban Indian athletes from competing based upon theircountry’s religious caste system beliefs and segregation; it does not ban Chinese athletes from competition based upon the issues in Tibet; it does not ban many African Arab nations from sending male athletes when their women’s programs are underfunded or non-existent; hence, it is not addressing the laws of expression in Russia or any other host country. The Olympics, at its essence, is about crossing bridges to get athletes to compete…it is not about building bridges to make people’s political, cultural and religious beliefs the same in every country.

    • Papi

      To be clear, I am not saying I agree with what is happening in Russia at all. I am saying that the IOC’s mission is not about political correctness, but, rather, geo-political completion in sports and sports only.

      • Izzoiz

        would you say the samething if the the anti-gay propaganda law was an anti-black or anti-Semitic law??

    • Izzoiz

      tell that to the thousands of gay people in Russia who now have no rights or protections. Tell that to all the orphaned children that will be denied loving home from around the world because Russia refused to allow gay people to adopt OR countries that allow gay marriage. And finally say that to the children of gay parents in Russia who will most likely be taken away once that bill passes. And it WILL PASS. So if human, civil rights seem trivial compared to winning a piece of medal just to say ‘your are the best’ than the IOC should be ashamed of themselves. But i digress. Back to the issue at hand. The IOC on THEIR OWN accord decided to make a statement about the arrests.They threw themselves into the ‘human rights’ ring and opened up the lid on this one. They should have condemned the arrests, NOT supported them. Bottom line.

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