Illinois GOP Gov. Candidate Travels World with Male Companion

ku-xlarge (4)The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford, an unmarried 58-year-old and Republican candidate for governor, took an unprecedented number of international trips with his 28-year-old assistant, Joshua Lanning. Both men, pictured above in Israel, drew taxpayer-funded salaries during their overseas adventures. Now Rutherford is facing sexual harassment charges from a mystery (and male) staffer.

In January, Rutherford announced that an unnamed staffer was threatening to go public with claims of sexual harassment. A male staffer that is. It’s not clear that Lanning is the same staffer.

Rutherford took Lanning on MANY overseas trips. And were booked into one room….Although Rutherford voted in favor of civil unions, he is opposed to gay marriage. 

lets see, 58 and single, travels the world with a younger male companion, they share the same hotel room (hot), opposed to gay marriage? Yup, he reeks of sister. ;)

Honey, life is too short, live and enjoy!

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