Adidas bans ‘gay’ on customizable shoes

Adidas has banned the word ‘gay’ from its customizable trainers available online. They also ban ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, ‘trans’ and ‘homophobia’.

A spokesperson for Adidas told Gay Star News the ‘gay’ ban was not ‘representative of their policy’.

‘The word restrictions built into our miadidas ordering system are unfortunately driven by the need to prevent a small minority of people from abusing the system and therefore we restrict the usage of certain terms based on those terms most likely to be mis-used. ‘This policy is by no means representative of our brand policy on gay rights and is instead designed as a means of providing more automated control when dealing with a system that sadly gets abused by a small minority of consumers.’

They fear the word ‘gay’ for example can be pre-fixed by ‘I hate’.

the Shoemaker recently announced that British out Olympian diver Tom Daley, is the face of Adidas in it’s UK campaign.


via Adidas bans ‘gay’ on customizable trainers online | Gay Star News.

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