81-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Feeding Bears, Threatens to Kill Cops

Mamma bear was not having it when the po po showed up at her house and arrested her for feeding the bears after a court order told her to stop. 

A retired teacher was arrested after she repeatedly ignored a judge’s order to stop feeding black bears in back yard. When police officers arrived at her home to arrest her, the 81-year-old reportedly threatened to kill them.Mary Musselman has been illegally feeding bears in the yard of her Sebring, Florida home since at least early 2013; at some point in the year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission euthanized a bear she’d repeatedly fed with dog food out of concern that the bear had become dangerously comfortable around humans.

Oh Mary. There is a reason why we cant feed wild bears. Its for our own protection. We heart your intentions, cuz we love animals,  but if you want to feed the bears, get a job at the zoo.

via 81-Year-Old Woman Jailed for Feeding Bears, Threatening to Kill Police.

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