Russian Official Says No Way To Olympic Athletes Protesting

Russia’s chief executive of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi wants to clarify that athletes are not allowed to protest the Olympic host nation’s laws — despite a statement Monday from the International Olympic Committee president that indicated Olympians would be free to do so.

On Monday, IOC president  Thomas Bach (who has turned a complete BLIND EYE to Russia’s anti-gay laws) told reporters that Olympians would have “freedom of speech” and be allowed to express their political beliefs during press conferences, but would be censured if they tried to make such statements while on the medal podium, according to The Guardian. Bach did cite the Olympic Charter’s Principle 50, which bans demonstrations or “political, religious, or racial propaganda” in any official Olympic venue.

Under normal circumstances I am all for keeping it about the games. However Russia has enacted two of the most despicable anti-civil rights laws of today. Banning any mention/information or promotion of the LGBT community, (and I mean EVERYTHING LGBT) resulting in prison time if convicted and have banned gays from adopting. Once the Olympics are over , a bill that takes children away from gay parents will be voted on and we know that it WILL pass. 

The IOC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the Games to proceed in Russia. Because as i have said before, if these laws were racist or anti-Semitic, the games would have been pulled faster than Putin could bend Brian Brown over Anita Bryant’s ass. 

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