Rush Limbaugh: Grammys Gay Wedding “Despicable”

Rush Limbaugh, you know, the anti-gay right winger that Elton John performed for at his 4th wedding for a cool $ 1 million but claimed he was trying “to build a bridge” to love and acceptance between Rush and the gays? Well I suspect Rush must have been on a  oxycodone/ hydrocodone, Viagra popping high because it didn’t work. The “traditional marriage” VIOLATOR slammed the Grammy Awards for showing gay marriages during the telecast calling them “despicable,”

“It was horrible, it was despicable,” Limbaugh said of the show.  Limbaugh had a hissy fit over Macklemore’s lyrics, whining that they “openly attacked right-wing conservatives and Christians.”….Well truth be told, that is Looooong overdue ;)

Song Lyric “The right-wing conservatives think it’s a decision / And you can be cured with some treatment and religion.”

But Limbaugh said the controversy was “the point” of shows like Grammy Awards, which aim to “mock, insult and lampoon their audience.” He went on to connect the award show to CNN. “Nobody watches, but because they have not strayed from the liberal path, they are still loved and adored and praised,” he said of that network, though he did not say by whom. “They have not watered down the liberalism.”

Um, over 28 million American households alone, tuned into the Grammys Sunday night…That’s a whole lot of “Nobody”…..Hows that bridge coming Elton???

via Rush Limbaugh: Grammys ‘Openly Attacked Right-Wing Conservatives and Christians’ | Mediaite.

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