Police Find Murdered Gay Man In Killer’s Closet

John R. Fox, 34 (left) Franklin Township, Ohio has been charged with murder of Justin Tyler Earley, 22, after meeting online. No cause of death has been confirmed but police are calling it “suspicious”.

Officials continue to await the results of microscopic evidence taken by the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office. Portage County Sheriff David Doak said his investigation found that Fox and Earley apparently were not acquainted prior to last weekend.  The Review discovered two ads on the website backpage.com, which is commonly used for prostitution purposes. Posted on Dec. 12, a man identifying himself as “Tyler,” a college student, was looking for men to have a good time with. He placed an additional ad on Dec. 19, reiterating the message and offering “incalls” and “outcalls.” An “incall” is when a “john” visits a prostitute, while an “outcall” is when the prostitute visits the “john.” Both ads included photographs of “Tyler” and his phone number. Alliance police detective Lt. John Jenkins confirmed Monday that Earley was “Tyler.” Police say Fox posted an ad on Craigslist.com on Dec. 29, the day before Earley’s disappearance, soliciting a man to come to his residence. Craigslist removed the ad, but Fox apparently responded to the backpage.com ad. Doak declined to comment on the possibility that the online ads led to some kind of transaction between Earley and Fox.

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via Joe. My. God.: OHIO: Gay Man Killed By Online Hook-Up, Body Found In Killer’s Closet.

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