Mom Snaps Photo of Son On Surf Board, Great White In Background

Um, no thank you.

A Manhattan Beach California mom snapped a photo of her 12 yr old son and friend sitting on surfboard with a wave about to crash in behind them when she noticed what turned out to be a Great White Shark in the background.  

Look at the size of the thing. Ugh!

“It was quite a shock to see,” June Emerson told KTLA.

The photo was taken last Friday at Manhattan Beach, where Emerson and her son Quinn often hang out. Not wanting to scare the boy into buying a bigger surfboard, Emerson told a little (great?) white lie.

“I told my kids it was dolphin,” she said, “as we live at the beach and are in the waters here almost daily.”

Apparently great white shark sightings near Manhattan Beach have been on the rise since the banning of gill nests. Living in Cali and being the beach lover that i am, i still never went into the water because of my insane fear of great whites. i must have been eaten by one in a past life. There have been there have been two great white fatal attacks right off the beach in the time that i have been there. I won’t so as much dip my twinkle toes in the surf. besides, the pacific is cold as hell. ;)

via Mom Accidentally Snaps Photo of Son’s Close Encounter with a Shark.

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