Man Crashes Car In to Fried Chicken Shack, Strips Off Clothes And Pleasures Himself

Lololololols.  A New Jersey man crashed his car into a Crown Fried Chicken in Philadelphia dropped trou and indulged in some self-love.

Vincent Wade was charged with DUI, and is expected to also be charged with open lewdness and indecent exposure for revealing himself in public. It should be noted that all this happened just 400 feet from an elementary school.

This was Wade’s 4th  DUI! Why is this guy still driving? Although the po po report contains nothing about him masturbating, you know how today’s world works, somebody snagged this scene on their phone. 

We all love a good stroke session, but people can we please keep it where it belongs, behind closed doors, gym steam rooms, glory holes, video booths and Skype. 

click on the link below. You must watch the video, Wade even shows throws in a little twerking abilities. It’s priceless!

via NSFW: Philly Man Crashes Car, Takes Clothes Off, Pleasures Himself | Mediaite.

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