Kirk Cameron: Grammy’s Gay Wedding was an Assault on Traditional Marriage – We Must Fight

Anti-gay mega monster, former Growing Pains star, alleged Griffith Park Gay Sex Cruiser turned bible beating dbag, (did i leave anything out?) Kirk Cameron, has his anal beads in a twisted knot, over the Grammy’s having gay couples marry during Sunday nights telecast.

Cliff notes: in case you were living under a rock or in a K-hole all weekend, Macklemore performed their gay anthem “Same Love” and were joined by Madonna and Queen Latifah who officiated the marriages. 


‘How did you like the Grammys all out assault on the traditional family?’ Cameron asked his 1.4 million Facebook followers. ‘The lines were drawn thick and dark. Now more than ever, we must work together to create the world we want for our children.’

“thick and dark” LOLS very Freudian. Is that how he likes his men ;) I love the word “assault” especially when the LGBT is delivering it in a court of law, scumbag ;) 

The post appears to have been deleted from his Facebook page but still partially appears on his Twitter page and can be seen in its entirety in screen grab form at It was in March 2012, Cameron said on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight that he believes homosexuality is ‘unnatural, ‘detrimental,’ and ‘ultimately destructive.’

Now gurls, you know i don’t advocate violence of any kind. But I would looooove to meet Kirk on the playground after school for a little one on one action and i don’t mean the kind  he is used to finding in Griffith Park….Allegedly. ;)

File this under, “down low bitch”


via Kirk Cameron calls gay marriage ceremonies at Grammys ‘an all out assault on traditional family’ | Gay Star News.

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