Human Gay Ken Doll Claims He’s A “Pioneer” With Plastic Surgery

Justin Jedlica who is featured on TLC’s special My Strange Addiction: I’m a Living Doll, has had a 125 cosmetic procedures and believes that looking like a Ken doll is the ”ideal of what a man (or woman, a barbie of course) should be [and] look like.”

He he describes his ongoing surgeries as his “creative outlet.” In the below, he attempts to creative direct one of them. It’s for ab implants. He’s previously described his strange addiction as “an art form.” We live in a time when all you have to do to make art is label something art, so he at least has a case.

Jedlica is in the process of developing his own line of muscle implants.  share his belief that dolls are the “ideal of what a man (or woman) should be [and] look like.” We are not all Human Ken Doll, but one day maybe we all can be.

I always say to each his own, but this kid went from cute to creepy. Do his eyes even close? We all have addictions but his looks painful

via Human Ken Doll Views Plastic Surgery as a “Creative Outlet”.

  1. ohmy

    He looks like Octomom.

  2. mojo

    Maybe if Ken was actually an Asian woman.

  3. BlokeToys

    No doubt he thinks he’s being “original” or something, when in reality he just looks like everyone else who’s had cosmetic surgery. These people are like clones of each other, the same lack of Human expression, the same lips, the same eyes, the same bone structure…

    It’s not “art” to intentionally want to emulate the exact same look as thousands of other people. Going to such extremes just to be a copy without Human characteristics could be considered to be a mental disorder.

    As a guy who loves originality and uniqueness, I find this abhorrent. I would never want to intentionally make myself appear to be a clone, the idea makes me want to vomit.

    He thinks he’s an artist, I just think he needs considerable psychiatric help.

  4. Mike

    He is actually disgusting. Poor thing wants to talk down on all of humanity like he’s some elevated species – in all reality, he’s just a monster with a lot of issues.

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