Former Washington Redskins Football Player Talks About Love Affair With Teammate

Former Washington Redskins player openly gay Dave Kopay recounts his affair  with fellow teammate Jerry Smith when they played together late ’60s and early early ’70s. It’s sad knowing what our fellow LGBT brothers and sisters had to go through back then.  

 Kopay is interview for NFL Network’s episode of A Football Life profiling  Smith, who moved to Texas after his career, opened a gay bar and remained publicly closeted and then passed away from AIDS in 1986.

Click the link above and watch the clip. When they get to Jerry’s brother, you will completely loose it. Heartbreaking. 

As his one-time lover and teammate David Kopay explains, “I thought this was really good. At least I was sharing something of myself with someone who’s close and understood all that I had been through and understood so much of what we hoped for would come. And that’s where we left it.” Kopay came out post-retirement as a result of a Washington Star piece anonymously chronicling Smith’s hardship as a secretly gay NFL player.

via Former Pro Football Player Reflects on Brokeback Romance with Teammate.

  1. Darkhog

    This is a touching and wonderful story of Jerry Smith. In the days times we cheer for people for coming out of the closet, so we want be along, but do we really look at a person’s live and not our own to see that it doesn’t really matter. A person is a person, you love who you love and in that we stand alone when it comes to the loves we choose, the lives we lead, and the legacy we leave behind. This story is inspiring.

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