Anti-gay Mega Monster Ken Cuccinelli Files Two Last Minute Anti-gay “Opinions”

In a pathetic, petty attempt to promote his anti-gay agenda,  kicked to the curb Virginia attorney general, Ken no blow jobs  Cuccinelli tried to stick it to the gays and woman rights by filing anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage opinions.  

Cuccinelli, a right-wing Republican who lost his gubernatorial bid to Democratic challenger McAuliffe in November, issued two opinions on Friday, the last day of his tenure as the state’s highest-ranking legal official.

Efforts to invalidate strict licensing rules for abortion clinics and the second would declare that the governor cannot order Virginia officials to accept joint state tax returns from same-sex couples legally married in other states.

Neither “opinion” is legally binding. So pathetic. Really…Good riddance, you’re gone bitch ;)

read second opinion below:

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