Utah’s Must File Marriage Appeal By January 27th

The Tenth Circuit says the anti-gay haters must file their appeal by Jan 27th.

This matter is before the court to set an expedited briefing schedule. The schedule set here overrides the minute entry on the docket dated December 27, 2013. The appellants’ opening brief and appendix shall be filed on or before January 27, 2014. In this regard we strongly encourage the parties to confer on the materials to include in the appendix. See generally Fed. R. App. P. 30 and 10th Cir. R. 30.1. The appellees’ response brief shall be filed on or before February 18, 2014. Any reply brief shall be filed on or before February 25, 2014. Requests for extension of time 2 are very strongly discouraged, and will be considered only under extraordinary circumstances.

via Joe. My. God.: Tenth Circuit Court: Utah’s Marriage Appeal Must Be Filed By January 27th.

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