Crazy Train: Pastor Kevin Swanson Wants Christians To Watch Gay Couples Have Sex In Order to Prosecute them

Lols! Crazy bitch.

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner two Colorado crackpot pastors had their panties in a twist over a ruling that said a Colorado bakery discriminated against a couple because they were gay, when they refused to serve them. Swanson believes that gays should be imprisoned in order to protect the freedoms of Christians. Lols. Bitch pleeeeeease. 

“What I think the homosexuals are doing is pressing into every nook and cranny of civil society. [We must] impose God’s laws upon our systems, especially our political systems.  God’s laws require that we prosecute homosexuals who are caught in the act of homosexuality or the act of sodomy on the basis of two or three witnesses. If Christians would do that, if Christian pastors would do that then we would be able to hopefully press back the line upon those who are impressing their rights upon Christians who really need that religious freedom.” – Pastor Kevin Swanson, calling for the United States to recriminalize homosexuality.

Honey there are always 2 to 3 people in the room when im having sex and i usually pick them up in church on Sundays and most are pastors, so i think you better come up with a plan b. 

via Joe. My. God.: Pastor Kevin Swanson: All Gays Must Be Imprisoned Because Christian Freedom.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac12-17-2013

    “I have never engaged in sodomy,” i tell those who accuse me of it — “I have only done gomorrah” — and they are flummoxed –with priceless faces … :)

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