Aaron Rodgers Dad Allegedly Outraged Over ‘Disgusting’ Gay Rumors

The drama never ends…Some one claiming to be Aaron Rodgers father was not happy about the gay rumors that have hit the media the last few days about his football star son. Even claiming that Aaron is engaged to a “christian woman” as if the title of “christian” makes it more believable that he’s straight. Actually it does the reverse. 

A person claiming to be Edward Rodgers sent Kenneth Walsh of the blog Kennethinthe 212 a not so nice email and topping it off with the threat of a lawsuit. 


I’m Aaron’s dad and this is a disgusting post. Aaron is actually engaged to a beautiful Christian woman. You are a slime ball for spreading this bullshit. How would you like your sorry ass sued!!!

Okay but the best part of this post is Kenneth’s comment about who he suspects might be behind the post. Its a hilarious. hit the link below to read

via kenneth in the (212): Aaron Rodgers’ ‘Dad’ Calls Gay Rumor Post ‘Disgusting’.

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