Speedo’s Not Allowed At Miami Dolphin Games.

Although we really don’t know what the po po is saying to this Movember bearded hottie, but it might be to “cover up” that insanely sexy Speedo wearing bod…..This is the only way you would get me to a game. 

From the Instagram account of the social media/sports app Fandium: “There are things you can and can’t do at an NFL game and security did not like this one!

via Joe. My. God..

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac11-19-2013

    but they can wear dick showing butt cupping spandex and all the men pat each other on the butt — got it.

  2. b_894

    I bet it was that someone complained about it…
    With the sunlight they were getting maybe he wanted to improve his tan.

  3. Fielding

    I know that women with boobs showing, sleeveless, tube tops, and bikini tops are not being kick out or harassed.

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