School Board Member Says Trans Students should be ‘castrated’ before being allowed to use restrooms.

katherine-svensonDumbass Colorado school board member Katherine Svenson believes that students should have their nuts cut off before they can use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. 

A Colorado school board member has sparked controversy in the her local community after refusing to recognize the rights of transgender students, saying they shouldn’t be allowed access to facilities which match their gender unless they have undergone surgery. Katherine Svenson, of the Delta County School Board, publicly stated in October that she doesn’t support the rights of trans people to use restrooms that match their gender identity.

Good thing I’m not in Colorado, cuz i would show this bitch a set of BALLS like she has never seen. ;)

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via US School Board member: trans students should be ‘castrated’ before being allowed to use restrooms | Gay Star News.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac11-24-2013

    You know, this is odd — for castration merely removes the testes — and leaves the scrotum & penis. While trans-boys wish the whole package removed.
    Meanwhile, I’m sure the lady would be opposed to publicly funded trans-surgery if the trans asked for it — but seems quite ready to spend the money if she proposes it — so that doesn’t quite make sense.

    Then too, if the trans-community were sure that they want the surgery, why then the attack on the lady for providing for free what they wish? Why, if I were they, I’d take her up on the offer, — and ask for the whole shebang. She may well be willing to play Santa and give them what they want.

    And I find it odd that she has no proposal in mind, apparently, for what to do with the trans-gals who want to be guys — seems she’s forgetting some folks — or, are their no trans-galls wishing to go to the mens room?

    However, as usual, I wonder what any of this has to do with gay guys? Did you ever know a gay guy who wished either surgery or entrance to the woman’s room?

    Well, like I said — the whole thing seems odd, and no one is looking t it clearly.

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