Must Watch: Dan Savage Rips Mary Cheney A New One and Explains Alec Baldwin’s Homophobic Slurs.

UntitledDan Savage stopped by Bill Maher to gab about the family fight between lesbian Mary Cheney and her Homophobic sister Liz, Baldwin’s gay slur tirade against a photographer and the nerve of a catholic bishop to exorcise Illinois gay marriage law while protecting child raping priests. . Savage was hilarious with his barbs. Loved it!

Savage was relentless on Mary, noting that she donated $2,500 to Romney’s campaign and voted for him. “Unlike her sister, Liz, who’s saying ‘it’s a state issue,’ Romney wanted to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage in every state, even overturning gay marriages in states where it had already been legalized,” Savage said. “Romney was 1,000 times worse than Liz, and Mary wrote that fucker a check.”

via Joe. My. God.: Dan Savage Goes Off On Mary Cheney.

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