MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Says Someone Should Crap In Sarah Palin’s Mouth.

Sarah Palin defenders are in in uproar over MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggesting that some one should shit in her mouth the way a certain slave owner use to do to his slaves. Martin’s reaction was fueled by Palin’s comparing the national debt to slavery. Bashir claims its she would probably better understand that her slavery comment was far off the mark. He also  has some other choice words for her. I must admit, i was in hysterics watching the clip below. I don’t know if its the pino or the friday night funnies, but this is some knee slapping shitz. pun intended. 

What makes him think she wouldn’t enjoy it. Besides her mouth is already full of shitz  ;)

via Joe. My. God.: More Controversy For MSNBC.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac11-16-2013

    That some people make comparisons you don’t like doesn’t call for the sort of thing he said — I’m sorry, but civility prevails, even in politics. And perhaps he should have used some logic, math or other higher form of argument against her. I happen to like the lady — not because I think she’s perfect, nor want her in public office — but because she speaks her mind — as we expect women to do.

    Meanwhile, there is a mathematical-philosophical connection between debt and slavery which has been made by many a philosopher as far back as Aristotle and Plato — an in more modern times by economists from Riccardo to Adam Smith in the 1700s on the capitalist side to Marx and Furrier on the socialist side in the 1800s. The connection is rather simple — if someone spends your money which you are required to pay back, but which you have no choice in spending — you are enslaved to the debt holder — and since money is a battery for labor (that is, you cannot make all you require, you labor at one thing for money, and then, store that labor in money to buy what you cannot make yourself) if someone spent your money, and requires you to pay back the loan — you are indeed, “enslaved” to the degree you must work to store the money in your battery to pay it to someone else.

    In a simpler example, if I bought a car for 10 grand, and said “Izzo will pay for it” — though you don’t really want to buy me the car — and the law says you must pay for my car — I have enslaved you to the tune of 10 grand. You have no choice but to work for my benefit, in effect, I own your labor — that you may earn 20 grand merely means that 1/2 your labor is mine, rather than all of it — which goes by another name: “Indentured servitude” — which was also outlawed when total slavery was. Partial slavery is merely different in degree than total slavery, but is a slavery still.

    And yet, I also insist, civility must prevail — or we shall become a coarser nation — with people screaming at each other instead of working for a common good by finding common ground.

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