Hate Group says they have the Signatures to try and Repeal CA Student Transgender Law.

Anti-gay mega monster Frank Schubert claims he and his heathens have got the required signatures for a ballot initiative to repeal California’s AB 1266, a new law that would allow transgender students to use the facilities and play on the sports teams that identify with their gender.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill into law and it takes effect Jan 1. unless of course these scumbags hate efforts qualify.

But Privacy for All Students, the conservative coalition leading the charge to repeal the law, immediately announced its plans to rescind the law by putting it to a popular vote in 2014.

And on Sunday, Schubert told the Associated Press that his campaign turned in 620,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office — more than 100,000 more signatures than required by law to qualify an initiative for the ballot. The Secretary of State’s office will now begin the process of verifying the signatures, and if at least 505,000 signatures are from legitimate, registered California voters, the initiative will qualify for the 2014 ballot.

Just five minutes with Schubert and his “Manson’ family scumbags…Just five minutes. ;)

via Transphobic Activists Claim They’ve Got Signatures to Repeal Calif. Student Law | Advocate.com.

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