Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Gay Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins “It’s an Honor to Have You”

I applauded the day EH was fired from the View , well allegedly, Even though Barbara will deny it to the end. Knowing what a crackhead conservative she is, it was no big surprise when it was announced that she would be joining  public accesses Fox & Friends. What a demotion. 

 On Monday, Lizzy welcomed Family Research Council hate group leader Tony Perkins by saying “It is an honor to have you”. An Honor? really? He is the leader of an anti-gay hate group and has ties to former KKK leader David Duke and gave a speech at  White Supremacist Groups Event. An honor? Is she for fu(king real? This scumbag fights to deny people civil rights and she’s “honored” . Dumb B is all i can say. 

Tony full of baloney, was a guest on the show to whine about religious freedoms being taken away from the military and birth control in the health care reform bill.

full deets below and video. 


via Tony Perkins wants the ‘liberty’ to deny birth control: ‘That’s why the Pilgrims came here’ | The Raw Story.

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