Crazy Train: Illinois Bishop Will Destroy Gay Marriage Law With ‘Exorcism’.

Lols. I can’t. 

So, with Gov. Pat Quinn to sign the Illinois gay marriage bill into law next week, crackpot Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, is planning to destroy the law by performing an exorcism. I know right? Cra Cra. If an exorcism did not cure Linda Blair, it ain’t gonna do shitz for gay marriage. I think he should focus on stopping CIRCUMCISIONS in stead. Thats a real crime, 

Springfield Bishop Thomas John Paprocki announced Thursday he will preside over prayers of “supplication and exorcism” in response to the state’s pending legalization of same-sex marriage, which the bishop said “comes from the devil and should be condemned as such” in a statement reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

via Gay Marriage Exorcism: Illinois Bishop Plans Prayer Service Opposing ‘Evil’ Marriage Equality Law.

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