Disgusting: Trump and Roberts, Love fest over going to Russia together.

I basically ripped  MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts for going to Russia to host anti-gay marriage Donald Trumps Ms. Universe pageant. I called Thomas to task for going to Russia and for also aligning himself with Trump who is a vocal opponent of gay marriage. Well, get your barf bags out, because now Thomas has just gone from nausea to a complete puke fest with his on air “dick stroke” with Donald Trump.

UntitledThe two claim that they are going over to Russia in hopes of making a difference. Trump even goes as far to say that he knows for a fact that LGBT community in Russia are overjoyed that they are coming. Really? Who knew that Trumps was so “down” with the LGBT community in Russia? Especially since it is against the law for them to speak about ANYTHING  gay?

Then the moment we were waiting for. Roberts asks Trump if he has changed his prior stance on marriage equality in the U.S. (never saying what his stance is but we all know he is anti-gay marriage) to which Trump says No. Roberts just glosses right past it and continues to stroke Donalds dick.

I am so tired of self loathing, “Auntie Thom” gays, rubbing shoulders and having tea with people who don’t believe they deserve civil rights. Get some fu(king self respect. 

Trump goes on to gush about how the event is sold out and everybody is excited about it and lick my balls, lick my balls, lick my balls and Thomas is only eager to. He profusely bows thanks Trump for “letting him” be a part of  crowning a new queen. And lets face it, most likely his real motivation… How fitting.  

via Joe. My. God.: Trump To Roberts: Russia’s Laws Are Bad, But I’m Still Against Your Marriage.

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