Study: White Country High School Boys Booze It The Most.

tumblr_mfpwxqQOXM1s0fyi9o1_500According to a new study, Bloomberg news reports:

About 11 percent of [high school students] surveyed said they consumed 10 or more consecutive drinks in the past two weeks, while 5.6 percent imbibed at least 15 at a time, according to research published in JAMA Pediatrics… Those who may be most prone to engage in extreme binge drinking (and circle jerks) were male , white, lived in rural areas, used other drugs, smoked cigarettes, missed school more often and had parents with a lower level of education, according to the research.

Okay, I added in the the circle jerks, but isn’t that what they do in high school? I mean, thats what i did. 

via Study: White Country Boys are the Drunkest.

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