Straight Bro’s Take a Stand: Labeled “Gay” On Receipt, It’s “Prejudice”

receipt-360x384Two straight guys were none too pleased when they received their pub bill and noticed that they were label “Gay Guys, Stools” (there is so many places i could go with that) 

Al Butler and his platonic male friend, both 26, were taken aback when they got their check and realized their server had mistaken them for a couple of ‘mos. Butler told the Daily Mail, “It’s not a bad thing to be called gay — although I’m not and neither is my friend — but I think it’s prejudiced. It’s jumping to a conclusion without the need to do so.”

The two complained to the bartender who said he could not do anything about it. Wtf? The owner of Judson’s has since issued a public apology and assured them that waitress has been disciplined.

Seriously, how idiotic can people be?….Kudos to the two straight guys for taking a stand and having our backs. 

I could only imagine what waiters have written about me on their slips- “Dumbass queen table 2″

via Straight Dudes Mistaken For “Gay” On Receipt, Call It “Racism” / Queerty.

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