Scumbag of the day: Man refuses to pay homeless he hired to wait in line for iPhone.

This is about as low as it gets. 

A businessman hired about 80 homeless people to stand in line for him so that he could get the new iPhone. I know, right?

But when the doors opened, the business man only managed to buy a handful of phones before the store ordered him out and deemed the rest of his vouchers useless.And when he refused to pay the rest of the 70 to 80 people he hired to stand in the line, the furious group pounced.

“It didn’t go right,” one of the men, Dominoe Moody, 43, told the paper. “I stood out here all night.”

The scumbag had this to say about the low life stunt he pulled:

“It’s not illegal,” the would-be entrepreneur, holding a bag filled with iPhones, told a pack of television reporters as he was whisked away. “I’m buying them at full retail price.”


via Chaotic iPhone debut in California after man refuses to pay homeless hired to wait in line  – NY Daily News.

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