Big Baller: Man has 132-Pound Scrotum.

Wesley Warren suffers from scrotal lymphedema, don’t get nuts, it’s a rare  a medical condition that causes the scrotum to grow at alarming and incapacitating sizes.  Warren’s big ballers are a whopping 132 pounds. AND he has only had this condition since  2008. Wtf?

Warrens story  will air on TLC titled “The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum”. Creative I must say. 

The show will reportedly follow “Wes’s life as he deals with day-to-day challenges that are easy for most people…like walking, preparing meals.” The show will also detail Warren’s attempts to “find appropriate medical care and raise money for the surgery he desperately needs,” 

And yes, it will cover the only question that everyone has on their mind- what’s his bathroom situation like….Is his penis enlarged too??

ps. I don’t tend to share my personal biz too much, but this story hits a bit to close below the belt for me. Just about two months ago i had to have surgery to remove a spermatocele in my scrotum. Although my nutsack goiter was no where near 132 lbs   more the size of a lemon and quite fun to show it off in locker rooms and gangbangs, I was glad to see it go. You can’t wear fun sexy underwear or jockstraps and most of all they become painful! I had my current flame-er take before and after shots and one day if I’m feeling ballsy or after a bottle of pino g, I may post them ;) …I must say my surgeon did a flawless job. You can’t even see the scar…


via TLC Finds Latest Reality Star In “The Man With The 132-Pound Scrotum” / Queerty.

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