NYC: Woman on First Date Falls to Death From Balcony

I have a severe fear of heights. I actually wish i was an inch shorter. I have never lived in and refuse to live in any apartment or house above the second floor. I will avoid escalators if they are “free floating” . So this story creeps the hell out of me.

Early Thursday morning, a 35-year-old woman on a first date fell to her death from the 17th floor of her Manhattan apartment building. The woman, an ad executive, was on her balcony having a cigarette when the railing apparently gave way.

Jennifer Rosoff, walked out to her balcony with her date around 12:50 am. Rosoff reportedly either leaned against or sat on her railing, despite a warning from her date. Her date says he then heard two loud pops before the railing partially collapsed, causing Rosoff to fall 17 floors, before landing on scaffolding below.

via Woman on First Date Falls to Death From 17th Floor Balcony.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac08-03-2013

    I used to work on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center —
    I used to go out on the roof top of 14 Wall Street – -40 floors above — to have lunch …
    i once refused a job because it was below the 50th Floor, and thus had no view …
    I love glass walled elevators – -

    i don’t like when railings give way, though …

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