‘Ex-gay’ Donnie McClurkin booted from MLK Concert.

Pastor, singer, and “ex-gay” Donnie McClurkin is not to happy with being booted from a concert honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

McClurkin was supposed to be one of the acts at “Reflections on Peace, From Gandhi to King,” a concert on Saturday honoring the 50th anniversary of King’s March on Washington. But the night before, representatives from Mayor Vincent Gray’s office said McClurkin should not attend because over a dozen people had complained about his past homophobic messages.

McClurkin said he was gay only because of childhood molestation and was able to “overcome” his gayness through will and prayer.

In a recently posted video McClurkin, claims he was discriminated against by being let go from the show.

“It is intolerant, these are bully tactics, simply because of stances I took. Never, ever demeaning, never, every derogatory of any lifestyle. But this is a civil rights infringement situation. Imagine that, in the 21st-century, 2013, I, a black man, have been asked to not attend because of politics.”

Your bullshit and the gross lie that people can be “converted” from gay to straight is intolerant. People like you should be banned from any public stage.

via ‘Ex-gay’ Donnie McClurkin Fired from MLK Concert | Advocate.com.

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