NYC: Famous Gay Bar Splash, washes away August 10th!

Wow! I started going to Splash when it first opened and it was a far different looking bar than the one that is about to close next month. Splash, the first chapter, was more of a pub type style bar and then the multiple face lifts over the years kept the bar alive and fresh. My friends and i had many great times there and I even met one of my lovers at the front bar while waiting for my 2 for one special. 

It’s the end of an era for New York City and thousands of visitors from across the globe as iconic Splash Bar announced it would be closing August 10.

Brian Landeche and the late Harry Bartel opened Splash in 1991, quickly making it the go-to bar in Chelsea. But as gay life has migrated to the East Village and Hell’s Kitchen neighborhoods, Splash became know more for tourists than locals, cutting into the crowds who once flocked to strip shows, happy hours and vibrant social scene.

All good things must come to an end they say….

via Iconic New York City Splash Bar To Close / Queerty.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac07-25-2013

    Julius in the Village is still open, going strong — I’ve been going there since 1976 — and Billy my bartender has been working there since oh, 1980. Meanwhile, I never did get to go to Splash, or maybe once — though, the problem apparently was as Yogi Berra said: No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

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