New Owners of old gay bar, kick out LGBT customers.



The Red Room, a former gay bar in Austin, Texas, that used to be gay was recently taken over by new owners and are allegedly kicking out gay customers and refusing them at the door. Wtf is this? University of Alabama circa 1963?

The new owners reportedly advised the staff that the bar will no longer be considered a gay bar, according to Josh Moon (pictured), who until recently tended bar there. Gay patrons were then asked to leave on Friday night, the first night of operation under new ownership.

The owners, feeling the heat, tried to cover their asses by releasing this little diddy. Through an attorney no less  “a private party rented the bar for the night and it was the private party that kicked people out, which is within their legal right.”

Thats the best they can do? That smell you smell in the air is called Bullshitz. 

Moon claimed that a Facebook invitation for the bar on July 19 referred to the evening as a “grand opening,” not a private event.

“I think they were going to make it a continued thing and bring these people back every weekend, because that’s how they made it sound to us,” Moon said.

Moon says he personally heard security saying “This is not a gay bar anymore, you’re not welcome. You can’t come in.’” 

“I can’t morally respect myself and be okay with this and stay here and work for you when you’re turning all of my people away,” he said. “You opened up a bar on 4th Street in the gay strip. You can’t do this to people.”

Yup! University of Alabama. 

I am a big supporter of boycotts, need i say more ;) Although, with “policies” like this, the club will suffer it’s own demise soon enough. 

via New Owners Take Over Austin Gay Bar, Kick Out LGBT Patrons / Queerty.

  1. Matt the Bruins fan
    Matt the Bruins fan07-28-2013

    The new owner has perhaps the most stupid business plan I’ve ever heard: buy a business with an established clientelle, then do everything in his power to make sure that they stop patronizing his business and will be angry enough to drive away new customers. Is this intended to be a tax write-off, a rich bigot making a statement at the expense of his business’ viability, or just a decision by someone with a mental handicap?

    • Izzoiz

      so true!

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