Finally: Anti-gay hate mega monster Maggie Gallagher calls it quits.

maggie-gallagherNational Organization for Marriage (NOM) hate group founder, Maggie Gallagher, has decided it’s time to trade in her pen for twinkies (now that they are back) has written her last piece of trash advice for her syndicated advice column and announced she was giving up optimism.

Gallagher is the Anita Bryant of our time( or should i say was). A comparison I’m sure she revels in. Gallagher helped create NOM which overturned the gay marriage in California and made it illegal. i.e. Prop 8. And we now know where that lays. ;)  

Gallager’s column has run in various publications for 17 years, where she espoused her conservative, and often antigay, beliefs. Gallagher has long been the face of the anti-marriage equality movement, appearing on talk shows and news programs. In her final column, Gallagher admits much of her work has proved fruitless. “On every key measure, marriage is weaker,” she writes. “The consequences are more obviously unsustainable, yet culturally powerful voices are less willing to engage, and the power of porn and Hollywood to create our norms for family life is more triumphant than ever.”

“Without a powerful ideal of masculinity that points men toward marriage and fatherhood, more and more young men are deciding the hard work of becoming marriageable is not worth it: Porn, beer, video games with the guys, freedom and fleeting sexual encounters are good enough.

Gallagher closes her column by saying she’s giving up on optimism, but remaining hopeful that her life’s mission is taken up by others.

Honey, any man living with you would have to turn to  porn, beer and video games to get through that life. 

How does that old song go- Ding dong the witch is dead… ;)

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