Alan Turing, Helped Defeat the Nazis & Castrated for being gay by U.K. will now be Pardoned.

Alan Turing, a genius codebreaker who helped the Allies defeat the Nazis only to be chemically castrated by his own country for homosexuality, will be posthumously pardoned by the UK, almost 50 years after he took his own life.

via Genius Who Helped Beat Nazis Only to be Castrated by UK to be Pardoned.

  1. Darkhog

    It’s a little bit too late, to put that one down in the books. This man was judged for being different, and not for the great accomplishment that he gave to the world. His life was a living hell after what they don’t to a hero. We need to start thinking before we judge people. We have not walked two steps in anyone’s shoes but our own and because someone lives, behaves, or look different from you or I, we judge. Wake up! The damage has been done.

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