Religious Riot: Chipotle Promotes Sodomy.

The Christian News is pitching a tent in their panties fit because it believes that the Mexican Food Chain is promoting and supporting “them there homosexuals” by sponsoring Pride festivals throughout the U.S.

From the Christian News :

A Mexican restaurant chain known for its large burritos made with organic ingredients and ‘Food With Integrity’ motto has been making the rounds at homosexual pride parades across the country declaring its support for the homosexual lifestyle.

During [the] events, the chain utilized a float upon which sat a man riding a giant burrito wrapped in tin foil. On the side of the float was a sign that read “So big you can ride it,” with an image of a rainbow-wrapped burrito in the center.

And their point?? 

It also advised that employees would be wearing “Homo estas?” t-shirts — a pun of “Como estas?” which means “How are you?” in Spanish.

via Chipotle Promotes Sodomy! – Religious Rights Goes El Batshit!.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac06-22-2013

    These groups want us gone from earth — why we keep calling them “Anti-gay” or “homophobic” I don’t know — I’m all for calling them the “No Gays Movement” — call them what they are already , stop with the mush.

    Meanwhile, my book is due out next week —
    and of course, it’s the 40th Anniversary of America’s largest unsolved mass murder — 32 gay men burned to death in New Orleans — ah, no one seems to know much about it — not even the vaunted “LGbT community.”

    I’m on a quest. solve the damn crime of slaughter.

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