Underwear Fail.

I love underwear. And i run the gamut from, boxers,  briefs (well only for a certain male friend ;) and boxer briefs. I know the underwear pictured is extremely dated and looks like a Sears catalog page, but even back in the 70′s /80′s NO ONE could have thought these were appealing? If I was in the heat of hot sex with a guy and these  granny panties popped out of his fly, my dick would deflate faster than seeing Maggie Gallagher Teabagging Brian Brown….Omg, my mint Milano just projected up the back of my throat. 

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac05-02-2013

    I though they were adorable — so long as they didn’t bunch my nuts or make me uncomfy — I actually remember these ads — being alive back then – -it was like soft core gay porn one could view comfortably right at the kitchen table while mom was making dinner.

    Of course, one time my father turn the pages to the women’s underwear and said: “Here, this is what you should be looking at …”
    And I turned the pages right back to men’s underwear and said: “but I don’t want to buy woman’s underwear, I want to buy mens!”

    My father looked at me …. “never mind.”

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