Military Training: Marine’s still being called anti-gay slurs in Military post Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

allied-eyecandyIn an email to friends, a gay military recruit detailed what is is like in the military post Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era.  And it ain’t pretty if you don’t like being called Homophobic slurs.  Oh, and gays are not the only ones receiving the slurs. 

) Don’t ask Don’t Tell. Shit may have been repealed, but the USMC sure hasn’t adapted. We’re called faggots 10-50 times a day. “You think that’s yelling? That’s sweet faggot.” “Yeah, you would think that’s a pushup, faggot.” etc. Any time we fuck something up, the DI’s tell us “you stupid fucking thing. That’s more wrong than two boys fucking.” One captain, when giving an ethics class, and talking about how one mistake can change your life/ identity told the entire company “you can be a bridge builder your entire life, but you suck one dick and you’re a cocksucker till you die.” Not much room for bitchassness. Even though only 10% of the corps is infantry, they treat everyone at about like they’ll be going to combat.

full deets below:

via Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Faggot: Inside Marine Corps Boot Camp.

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