One Life To Live, All My Children debut: hot men, more skin and less censorship.

We love ;)

One Life to Live and All My Children returned from the dead yesterday with a much more edgier and sexier feel. I have been a huge OLTL fan since, oh lets just say the early 80′s and i was crazed when ABC canceled it. So i could not be happier that my friends have come back home! I love my daytime drama….

I watched both OLTL & AMC, being online means that the shows are not held prisoner to the same regulations and censors that network T.V. shows are. OLTL dropped the s bomb a few times and even showed a woman lifting her head from a mans lap after apparently giving him a blow job. AMC on the other hand had no cursing, but had a little bit more skin and did make a reference to Jesse, Angie’s husbands large dick size. 

In true soap fashion, OLTL ended it’s first show with something i did not see coming. It was great. 

I enjoyed watching them online with greater “artistic” freedom. And let me just say, Josh Kelly who plays Cutter on OLTL, is pure hotness….YUM.

They are available on Hulu (free with commercials) or paid subscription gets you no ads and iTunes is a paid service. 

  1. Matt the Bruins fan
    Matt the Bruins fan05-06-2013

    Let us know if they ever re-hire Brett Claywell and Scott Evans to reprise the characters that got unfairly scapegoated for the soap’s failing ratings. That might get me to watch again.

    • Izzoiz

      i love those two. that was a great story line. those two cuties.

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